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As senior management of a global group, with 2200 enthusiastic employees, we cover a lot of ground.

Ralf Baumann

Chief Executive OfficerDüsseldorf, Germany

Thorsten Otte

Chief Financial OfficerDüsseldorf, Germany

Patrick Wehrmann

Group Managing Director + CEO StepStone UKLondon, UK

Wolfgang Bruhn

Chief Development OfficerDüsseldorf, Germany

Christophe de Rassenfosse

Chief Product OfficerBrussels, Belgium

Gauthier Andries

Chief Technology OfficerBrussels, Belgium

Ciaran McCooey

CEO Saon GroupDublin, Ireland

Sebastian Dettmers

Managing Director StepStone Continental EuropeDüsseldorf, Germany

Simone Reif

Managing Director, StepStone GermanyDüsseldorf, Germany

Nick Gold

COO StepStone UK + CEO JobsiteLondon, UK

Yusuf Azoz

Managing Director Data & Insights Düsseldorf, Germany

Caroline Hutchins

Group HR DirectorDüsseldorf, Germany

Our values

We live and breathe according to a common set of values, agreed and fine-tuned from within the organization… Every day as we go about our daily business.

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Mission & Vision

StepStone wants to be the job market of choice for customers and candidates.
Talent is the key factor in our customers’ success – the right people in the right place at the right time at the right cost.

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