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Christophe de Rassenfosse

Chief Product Officer
– Brussels, Belgium

Christophe is responsible for leading StepStone’s regional product organizations to excellence ensuring that local roadmaps support the group strategy. He also leads the portfolio of group practices that deploy a set of products and best practices to accelerate product market fit across StepStone’s regions. The portfolio includes state-of-the-art technology to increase candidate delivery as well as innovative products to secure StepStone’s long term success.

Before his current role, Christophe served as VP Product and Traffic for StepStone Continental Europe. As a digital veteran, Christophe joined StepStone in 2009 to build the product organization from scratch.

Prior to joining StepStone Christophe was platform director at Wolters Kluwer Europe, supporting the digitalization strategy. He gained extensive digital experience in the early days of the internet in a leading web agency and telecom operator. Christophe holds a degree in Business administration from the ICHEC Brussels Management School.

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StepStone wants to be the job market of choice for customers and candidates.
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