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Mission and Vision

StepStone wants to be the job market of choice for customers and candidates.

Talent is the key factor in our customers’ success – the right people in the right place at the right time at the right cost.

We enable our customers to find the best possible matches for their recruitment needs. In doing so, our aim is to help organisations achieve better talent success than any other job marketplace, in the areas where we operate.

We’ll achieve this using our privileged insight and our values providing our customers with a unique, tailored and scalable combination of the right talent, tools and processes.

When you ask any successful business leader around the world who supports their talent success, the answer will be clear – StepStone.

Our values

We live and breathe according to a common set of values, agreed and fine-tuned from within the organization… Every day as we go about our daily business.

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Our management team

StepStone is more than just a machine or a website. More than 1500 enthusiastic people work very hard to deliver the best possible results for customers and jobseekers alike. Our experienced management team is no exception, and leads by example.

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