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United Kingdom

We followed the successful launch of Caterer.com in 2001 with the follow-up catererglobal.com in 2004. And ever since, the brand has become the job board of choice for executive positions with some of the world’s finest hotels.

Fact and figures time… We’re happy to announce that each month catererglobal.com attracts more than 200,000 highly skilled jobseekers who apply for positions across the world, from Dubai to the Maldives.

Recruiters can access one of the world’s largest and most exclusive databases of hard-to-find hospitality professionals, featuring top chefs, experienced general managers and a wide array of managerial candidates from all over the world.

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  • Monthly Visits: 794,600
  • Searchable CV’s: 515,800
  • Jobs online: 16,150