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We believe that companies aren’t succeeding because of their patents, their factories, or their brands. Rather, it is the ability to attract and retain the best talents. At StepStone, we make it easy to find qualified candidates for every open position.

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Together, we disrupt the job market

We offer a wide range of solutions to aid you in finding the right candidates for your opening. From the creation of the job ad to making the actual hire, StepStone is with you every step of the way. We offer state-of-the-art and candidate-centric tools to ease your path to better hires, all while aiming to make the job market work properly.

Job ads

In times of talent shortage, reaching the right candidates may become a challenge. Through data- driven, programmatic job ad-distribution across thousands of websites, we maximize the effectiveness of your job ads.

We offer:

  • Unique content features such as salary range, interactive commute planner and videos
  • Data-driven content optimization & quality check for best searchability
  • Customized branding and liquid design for desktop, mobile web, and app compatibility
  • Programmatic advertising to ensure widest possible reach and optimal conversion

Hiring technology

​​Candidates and recruiters expect the simplicity and instant gratification they know from other digital processes and products. Why should recruiting be different? Our hiring functionalities provide an easy and simple solution for fast, efficient, and candidate-centric hiring.

We offer:

  • Comfortable management of all applications through every stage of the recruiting process
  • Quick and easy communication with candidates through email templates
  • Identification of best matches for open vacancies through candidate recommender-tool
  • Full transparency on performance of recruiting campaigns
“We see ourselves as social technicians with a revolutionary heart. This lets us match people with the job that’s right for them, and by doing so we make people happier and companies more successful.”
— Dr. Sebastian Dettmers, Stepstone CEO

Employer branding

In the battle for high-performing employees, it’s all about being visible. StepStone offers companies the right solutions to achieve just that – going well beyond the medium of job postings.

We offer:

  • Expert guidance in employer brand strategy and employer value proposition development
  • Data-driven and insight-led communication of your employer brand
  • Actionable insights from the world’s largest talent survey
  • Visibility of your employer brand and company culture across our platforms

International recruiting

In a globally connected world hiring does not stop at borders. Through our international network of > 60 recruiting platforms we can help recruit from over 139 countries.

We offer:

  • Country specific recruitment campaigns
  • Single personal point of contact in your home country and time zone
  • International recruiting expertise
  • Unrivalled global coverage of >130 countries

Know how

More than 20 years of experience in the recruiting industry combined with the data from more than 20 countries provides a lot of insights and knowledge. We are happy to share and support anyone in recruiting and talent acquisition with actionable insights.

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In our podcast, we discuss everything from recruiting, onboarding, employer branding, digitization and much more.

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Newest trends, actionable insights and valuable advice based on StepStone data and reports are provided in our know-how hub.

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Whitepapers, reports and blog articles provide valuable insights on how to use programmatic technology for talent acquisition.